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About True Lumens™

True Lumens™, formerly known as Sharper Designs, brings forth a new legacy as a premier manufacturer of superior outdoor reinvented, upgraded solar-powered lighting products for your home, cabin, boat dock or anywhere additional lumens lighting is needed. We are a US based brand with all products sold from and within the US since 2016. We continue to offer the latest in upgraded outdoor solar-powered lighting technology that are well design and very affordable with the consumer needs in mind.

New Name

Although our name has changed to True Lumens™, our dedication and loyalty to our customers continues to be as strong as ever. We are now proud to announce that we have expanded our distribution network as well as adopting new technologies, as part of our added efforts to deliver higher standards in product performance and overall customer experience!

Our main focus has always been and continues to be geared towards delivering the best solutions at an affordable price, while building long-lasting relationships, to meet our customer needs now and well into the future.

We research and implement new features into our reinvented product lines whenever possible, to offer our customers the most reliable, simple-to use and cost- effective lighting solutions available today

Product Development and Research

Through our never-ending product development and research, we continue to expand our support team, reinventing our brand as well as our distribution network. We strive to provide the best in customer support and experience possible .All our upgraded, reinvented outdoor solar-powered lighting products are subjected to months of rigorous testing, placing them in harsh weather conditions from blazing summer heat, to brutal cold conditions to ensure a higher quality of standards before calling it a True Lumens™ product.

Our best solar-powered landscaping lighting is one more reason to add decorative landscape lighting to your yard, garden and outdoor patio areas. We offer a complete line of weather-resistant outdoor lighting for garden spot lights, up-lighting, pool lighting which greatly improve the safety of your home.

True Lumens™ continues its quest for lighting solutions of the future with new discovery and product development that will change outdoor solar-powered lighting solutions in years to follow. A leader in the outdoor solar-powered lighting industry, True Lumens™ will forever remain committed to the well-being and betterment of our customers above all else.

Our Mission

Simply stated, our mission is to offer you the best upgraded, built reinvented solar-powered landscaping and lighting fixtures for your outdoor entertainment, security and protection. Offering a wider range of unique and stylish outdoor solar-powered lighting is only the beginning to the many outdoor lighting options designed to increase lighting areas of your home that are often dark and secluded. We deeply care about our customers and make every attempt to see that all lighting solutions purchased from us are of the highest quality available.

Our Company Motto

Our business motto has always been and will continue to be: “to under-promise and over deliver in every aspect of our operation. We pledge loyalty to our customers to work harder in improving our products and processes in favor of those who purchase the best outdoor lighting products on the market”. Our main goal is to provide our loyal and future customers the absolute best in outdoor lighting solutions, each designed for a specific purpose or need.

What We Offer

We use advanced technology to provide you with the most sophisticated, easy-to-use outdoor lighting fixtures currently on the market. Our ever-growing selection of outdoor solar lighting solutions does more for less including:

  • Brilliant, White LED lighting/landscaping solutions
  • Cost-effective lighting , saving up to 75% over other lighting alternatives
  • Multi-use applications, driveways, front and rear entrances, garage doors etc.
  • Energy efficient using the natural “free” power of the sun
  • Solar -Powered Motion Sensors, with Pro-Motion Technology
  • Easy installation, easy-to-use. Install anywhere!
  • No underground wires or cabling required
  • “Hassle-free” maintenance, Set it, Forget it!
  • On at dusk-Off at Sunrise!
  • Contemporary elegant styling to match any exterior home décor
  • Free Shipping!
  • Money-back guarantee

Our lighting packages are sold in random quantities, depending on style selected, with bright, white LED lighting that is guaranteed to work the first time, every time. Our lights install in minutes with attachment to your home, deck, lawn entrance or garage doors. or anywhere you need additional lighting, True-Lumens™ outdoor reinvented solar-powered lighting has a solution that will definitely light up your world.

Our Guarantee

All our solar-powered lighting solutions carry a 12 months replacement warranty as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. We remain confident that once you have tried any of our solar-powered light solutions you will begin to see the dramatic difference that our lighting solutions add to your outdoor living. Our solar-powered lighting solutions have been proven to offer you not only additional lighting where needed but also the protection of your family at home and away.


All our products are shipped directly from one of our 3 distribution points within the United States, which typically ship out the same day and deliver in 3-7 business days GUARANTEED! We take great pride in our ever growing fulfillment process to ensure that our customers get their orders in timely manner as ordered with very little to no errors or mistakes.

We Do Not Dropship Poor Grade Quality Products from Overseas like many companies do today that take 3-4 weeks for delivery!

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