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Benefits of Wider Spacing for Solar Pathway Lights in Large Areas

Benefits of Wider Spacing for Solar Pathway Lights in Large Areas

Picture this: you've just finished landscaping your expansive garden, with winding pathways that lead to your beautiful patio. You've carefully selected and installed your solar pathway lights, but something feels off. The lights seem too close together and overpowering. The solution? Wider spacing.

In this blog post, we'll dive into the benefits of spacing solar pathway lights further apart, particularly in larger outdoor areas. Not only will wider spacing create a more aesthetically pleasing look, but it can also enhance safety and battery life. So let's explore why sometimes, less is more when it comes to solar pathway lights.

The Benefits of Wider Spacing

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  1. Aesthetics: Wider spacing between solar pathway lights can create a more pleasing look. When lights are too close together, it often looks overwhelming and unappealing. But when you space them further apart, the result is a soft, ambient glow that adds atmosphere to your outdoor space without overpowering it.
  1. Safety: Besides creating an excellent aesthetic appeal, wider spacing between solar pathway lights can improve safety in larger outdoor areas. When lights are closer together, they tend to blind drivers passing by or guests walking through the site. Placing the lights farther apart eliminates this issue and helps contribute to overall safety for everyone who visits your property.
  1. Battery Life: Another benefit of wider spacing for solar pathway lights is that they can extend the life of the batteries. Having your solar lights too close together will require more power to create the same amount of light, which can drain the battery faster. Spreading them out helps to reduce this strain, allowing your solar pathway lights to operate longer without replacing their batteries as often.
  1. Unique Lighting Effects: Wider spacing for solar pathway lights can create fantastic lighting effects. By spacing the lights further apart, you can create a more dramatic look that highlights different features in your outdoor area and creates a unique atmosphere. This is particularly beneficial for larger sizes where wide spacing gives you more flexibility to play around with the placement of the lights and experiment with different styles.
  1. Commercial Outdoor Spaces: Wider spacing for solar pathway lights can be especially beneficial in commercial outdoor spaces like parks and public areas. These places typically require more comprehensive lighting solutions due to their larger size, and wide spacing helps create a safe, aesthetically pleasing environment.


In conclusion, wider spacing between solar pathway lights can benefit large outdoor areas. Not only does it create an attractive look, but it can also help enhance safety and extend the life of the batteries. If you want to improve your outdoor lighting setup, try giving wider spacing!

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