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Best Driveway Lights to Keep Your Home Safe

Best Driveway Lights to Keep Your Home Safe

If you’ve ever walked up to your front door and felt like you were about to be mugged, or if you worry that the police will think you live in a drug house because of the color of your lights, then it might be time for some new driveway lights.

Choosing the right lights with the ideal lumens lighting is as crucial as selecting the proper locks and windows for your house.

Best Driveway Lights

There are many different options when it comes to driveway lights, so here’s a list of the best kinds of lights for your home.

Halogen Lights

halogen light placed in a red glass surface

If you’re looking for a light that is affordable and will last a long time, halogen might be what you need. Although they aren’t as bright as LEDs, they will produce a powerful light seen from a long distance.

Also, the lights stay on after you shut your car off and stop moving, so you can quickly exit without turning them off when it’s time to head to your front door.

LED Lights

Don’t let the name fool you; these lights aren’t as expensive as you might think. They will last much longer than other types of driveway lights and feature a bright light that can be seen from a significant distance away.

However, the downside is that they are susceptible to heat changes, so they may go out if it gets too hot or cold, but usually only temporarily.

incandescent light with a grassy background

Incandescent Lights

Although they aren’t as bright as halogen or LED lights, incandescent lights will last longer and work well in warmer weather. They also feature a meager cost per light. If you plan on changing them frequently, though, this could be the wrong type of light for your home.

Fluorescent Strip Lights

These lights are great for security purposes since you can place them under your windows. They are very bright and will last about 25000 hours. However, because of their light tubes, they aren’t as easy to install as other types of driveway lights.

Choosing The Right Light For Your Home

Every home is different, which means you may need to try a few types of driveway lights at your residence before deciding on the right kind. Make sure to consider how far away your house is from the street and what kind of area lighting you require.

For example, if you live in an area that has more crime or where it gets darker earlier, then choosing lights that are brighter than usual may be necessary. However, if you live in an area where there isn’t much crime, and it doesn’t get dark until after 10 pm, bright lights aren’t necessary; stick with ones that will make your home feel cozy and inviting.

Use Special Security Lights To Keep Your Home Safe

If you need supplemental lighting to keep your home safe, there are unique driveway lights for this purpose. These include floodlights and spotlights; both will make it easier for you to see the exterior of your home and help prevent anything wrong from happening.

Whatever type of lights you decide on, ensure they are the proper brightness and color (unless you use unique lights for security purposes). You also may want to invest in timers, making it easy for you to turn your driveway lights on and off as needed.

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