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Garden Lighting Ideas – The Best Lights for You

Garden Lighting Ideas – The Best Lights for You

There are all sorts of ways to light up your yard, but it's essential to think about where you want to focus the lights and what kind of mood you want to create. Many different types of lights can be used to light up your garden. The first thing you need to do is determine where you want these lights in the garden and what mood you would like them to create.

If you want a relaxed atmosphere with a romantic feel, then hanging string lights will work well for this purpose; whereas if it's more critical for people passing by or driving by your house to see the path better, then solar-powered pathway lighting may be best. Just remember not all gardens require any lighting at all!


What is Garden Lighting?

Sometimes people forget that there is more to outdoor lighting than hanging a few string lights on the patio. For many, garden lighting means having some tea candles placed here and there. But if you desire to create an inviting evening space for you and your guests, it's best to consider all of the different possibilities for creating a garden filled with light.

There are ways to accomplish this goal, but it's essential to think about placement and ambiance when choosing your lighting options.

There are a few guidelines that will help you design your outdoor space so that it looks magical and inviting:


  • If you have an area that you want to highlight, you should place your lighting directly above that area. Hanging a few lanterns or string lights around a fire pit can create an inviting glow, while spotlights in the trees overhead make stars visible at night.
  • String lights look best when there is some support for them to be hung from: trees, branches, wires, etc. They can also be placed around the edges of objects, such as flower gardens.
  • Lighting for a specific event (such as a birthday party) should be arranged in advance so that everything will look cohesive and intentional when night falls.


Different Types of Lights Available

One of the most popular ways to light up your garden at night is by using candle lights.



Candles are available in assorted sizes, ranging from tiny tealights to candelabras that measure 16 inches tall. While candles can be used for many things, such as lining walkways or putting on a cake, they are also great for lighting up areas or decorating trees. Just be sure to place candles appropriately so that no one accidentally tries to light them, and make sure that the candle is never left unattended!



Lanterns provide a soft glow at night, especially if there is a candle inside them. Lanterns come in sizes and shapes, suitable for everything from camping purchases to ornamental decorations. Some lanterns are explicitly made for outdoor use.

While you can create an entire garden out of lanterns (and some people have done just that), it's probably safer to use them instead of candles if you want something safe and reliable.



Spotlights can be used in a variety of ways. While they are most often used for highlighting objects, such as sculptures or flowers, they can also provide general decoration that is bright enough to read by if positioned correctly.

Most spotlights come with a remote so that you can conveniently turn them on and off at your leisure without having to walk over to where they're situated.


String Lights

There are all sorts of string lights available at local stores. They can be hung in trees or draped across areas, and because they use LED bulbs instead of candles, you don't have to worry about any fire hazards.

The only downside is that some people feel that string lights are tacky and attempt to avoid them.


Solar Lights

If you don't have a lot of money to be spending, you should consider the many options available when it comes to solar-powered products.

There are all sorts of outdoor bright solar lights that can be used in your garden, including tealights, lanterns, and spotlights. These lights can be positioned anywhere that gets a decent amount of sunlight, and they are inexpensive enough to be used for multiple purposes.

Solar-powered products are also movable, so if you need more light in one area than in another, then move them around!


Cordless Lights

More expensive than solar lights but slightly less expensive than electric lights, cordless lights are an ideal way to light up your garden. They can be hooked up to a battery that is charged during the day or plugged into electricity. They also use LED bulbs instead of candles and don't take much time to install.

The only downside is that you have to choose between having them powered by a big battery or plug them into anything.


Strobe Lights

If you want something that won't turn on and off all by itself, then strobe lights may be the way to go. They have their type of remote-control function, so they can blink in unison with music or flash whenever someone passes by.

Strobe lights can be used in all sorts of ways, even outside. For example, they are popular at raves and other nighttime events.


Water Lights

Also known as "water features," water lights are usually made to be placed inside a pond or fountain. They make the water look brighter (and more magical) than it would otherwise appear, making it easier to see underwater plants.

Water lights can be purchased in all sizes and shapes, depending on how large or small an area you want to decorate. They can even be set up, so that specific parts light up in different colors!


Space Lights

Most often used for large outdoor areas with no other lights to provide decoration, space lights are an excellent addition to any garden. They come in different styles but usually include some fan-like base that supports a glowing bulb.

One of the only downsides is that they can be a bit expensive and may give off too much heat when in use for long periods.


Color-Changing Lights

While some stationary color-changing lights can be placed in the ground, most of these products (used to highlight trees and plants) are suspended above them by a series of wires. They can usually be programmed to change colors at specific times throughout the year, making them an excellent choice for holidays or special events.

There are also "moonlights" for people who want a moodier lighting scheme. These lumens lighting come on during the night and slowly fade away in the morning, making them look like something straight out of a fantasy novel.


Laser Lights

If you want something that will keep people talking about your garden, then you might want to invest in some laser lights. Laser beams are often used for outdoor parties and other events, but they also do an excellent job of making your garden look amazing. They'll also keep people on their toes because they are pretty unpredictable!


Sign Lighting

Mainly only used outdoors when placed alongside roads or in parking lots, sign lightings typically utilize LED bulbs and strobe lights to draw attention to different products or sale items. This is useful for gardens that have many products to sell or are home to events where people will need directions.


Vineyard Lights

If you want something similar to sign lightings but want to make it look like there's life in the vines, then vineyard lights may be your best bet. They can be used in various ways, but they are particularly effective when used in conjunction with vines or other plant life.

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