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Solar Security Lights: For a Safer Home and Property

Solar Security Lights: For a Safer Home and Property

Do you want to feel safe in your own home? With these solar security lights, it's possible! There are many different types of security lights with ideal lumens lighting available for purchase - you can also build your very own.

Whatever type of light you choose, keep in mind that they should be bright enough to deter intruders and dim enough not to disturb the neighbors. Once installed, these lights will help ensure your property is well lit day or night without running up high utility bills as regular electric lighting does.

What Does A Solar Security Light Offer?

Solar security lights are equipped with a solar panel for gathering energy from the sun during the day. This energy is stored in a battery, so when night rolls around, your light will be ready to shine.

The best models have a motion sensor that will turn on automatically when it senses movement or vibration, alerting everyone within sight that you're home and that someone may be light

In addition to this, some models have an adjustable angle so the security light can follow the sun's path throughout the day. This will make it look like you're always home and nobody is ever away from your house for too long!

It's a simple way to deter intruders from breaking into your property. These lights are affordable, easy to install, and provide enough light to see where you're going but also offer a less invasive light that won't disturb the neighbors or your sleeping family members.

Also, if you plan on being away for an extended period, you can turn off the solar security light until it's needed again.

What Solar Lights are the Best for Your Safety?

There are different types of solar security lights for you to consider. You can choose from a step-by-step guide here.

Or, if you prefer, you can purchase one already assembled with everything included. These are great for renters or when you're in a hurry to install the light! They're also much cheaper than hiring an electrician to install a regular light.

What if I Can't Afford a Solar Security Light?

solar lightning

You don't need to save up for an expensive solar security light to enjoy the benefits of this incredible technology. Instead, you can make your own! The video above shows you how to save over 75% on your electric bill by building your motion-activated solar security light. 

All you need is this guide, a little knowledge of wiring electric circuits, and 4 hours for assembly! It's inexpensive, easy to do, and provides the same light as regular outdoor lighting without costing too much money.

How to Build Your Own Solar Security Light

Step 1: Collect Supplies

Collect all the supplies you'll need by clicking the link above. You can get all of them from your local hardware store for under $50.

Step 2: Cut Cable and Drill Holes

To wire the solar security light, you will need to cut into an existing outdoor electrical socket with a drill or rotary saw. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, you might want to hire an electrician.

Step 3: Wire Up Solar Security Light

Each wire connected to the solar security light will need to be attached with insulated wire nuts. You can purchase these at your local hardware store for under $5. Use red wire for one side of the connection and black for the other side.

Step 4: Attach Box to the Wall

solar outdoor light

Now that your connections are made, attach the solar circuit box to an outside wall with screws. You should not need more than 3 or 4 screws. Make sure you're attaching it to a hard surface to avoid falling over when the light pivots. Be careful not to strip your screws.

Step 5: Install the Light

Finally, attach the solar light to the top of the circuit box with zip ties. You can use hot glue or silicone seal around the connection if you want extra weatherproof.

Step 6: Test Your Solar Security Light

Now that everything is connected, plug in your circuit and test the light. If it turns on automatically, you're good to go! Otherwise, check your connections and make sure you haven't made any mistakes.

FAQs About Solar Security Lights

How much do they cost?

security lights

The price of solar security lights varies depending on the manufacturer, model, and additional features. Do your research and find a light that will best suit your specific needs.

How much do they cost to operate?

Solar security lights run off of a rechargeable battery that is powered by sunlight - no electricity required! The only thing you will need to pay for is the initial purchase and installation.

What kind of maintenance do they require?

These types of security lights have little maintenance required. Most models have a built-in photocell, so they will turn on at night and off during the day. If you want to use them for extended periods or it's too dark for the sensor to pick up movement, you can turn them on manually.

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