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Things to Know About Stair Step Lights

Things to Know About Stair Step Lights

Stairstep lighting is a great way to illuminate the bottom of your stairs and provide ample light throughout your whole room.

Stairstep lights are one of the best ways to provide light in basements with stairs leading down to them because it illuminates the entire stairway. It also provides ample light throughout the whole room, so you can see what you're doing no matter where you are!

There's nothing like coming home late at night and being able to find your way around with ease. So why not get started on that project today?

What Do Stair Step Lights Offer?

Dusk to dawn stairstep lighting provides light to the stairway and also provides lesser amounts of light to the basement. Stair stool lights are ideal for basements with stairs because it's the only way to provide light throughout the entire area. These lights illuminate everything on the stairway as well as everything on the floor. These lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Here are the three common types of stairstep lighting:

Incandescent bulbs, which provide light similar to light seen on an everyday table lamp set on low. These lights give off a yellow-tinged light and must be replaced every few years or when they burn out.

LED lights, which provide bright light along with saving you money in replacement costs and electricity bills. They last much longer than the incandescent bulb type of stairstep lighting.

Halogen bulbs provide very bright white light that radiates in all directions for optimal illumination. These are the most expensive but give off the most brilliant light.

When to Use Stair Step Lighting?

Stairstep lighting can be used in any room, whether a basement or a hallway leading down to a basement or even a bedroom with a stairway leading up to an elevated area. The only way you can provide light for the entire stairway, and the whole room is by using stairstep lighting.

How to Use Stair Step Lighting?

If your home is older, you might have one of the less common types of stair lighting. These lights often come on automatically once it's dark outside and go off in the morning when there's enough natural light coming through windows or doors. If this is what you currently have, make sure to replace old stair light bulbs with newer LED lights or even incandescent bulbs.

Outdoor Stair Step Lighting

If you have an outdoor stairway and want to provide lumens lighting for the steps and all areas surrounding it, you can install outdoor stair step lighting. These are similar to indoor lights, but they're usually more decorative with unique designs. There are also motion-activated lights, so you won't have to deal with turning them on and off.

Outdoor stair step lighting allows you to see what you're doing no matter where you are or when it's dark outside.

FAQs About Stair Step Lights

Q: How many lights do I need?

A: You'll only need one light to cover the whole stairway. They're not expensive, and they're a lot cheaper than installing a second set of stairs to get more light from another fixture. It's also much easier to maintain because you only have one light bulb that needs changing instead of two or three.

Q: What type of light bulb should I get?

A: LED lights are not only the most energy-efficient, but they also provide bright, white light that radiates in all directions. These last 15 to 20 years and won't burn out as incandescent bulbs can. If you don't want to mess with constantly replacing the bulb, you should install halogen lights. These lights provide bright, white light that lasts up to 30 years.

Q: Where do I place the stairstep lighting?

A: Stair step lighting can be placed anywhere on the floor or walls surrounding your stairs. They're usually placed about halfway between the landings of your stairs, so it isn't too bright or too dim. They can also be placed on the walls of a hallway leading to a basement, but you should place them closer to where people will walk down the stairs.

Q: How do I install stair step lighting?

A: Installing stair step lighting is easy and can be done by anyone. You need to turn off the power to the area you're working on, remove the existing light bulb and replace it with a new one. Don't forget to turn the power back on!

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