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Aurora Pro® | Outdoor Pole-Mounted Dusk to Dawn Solar Ambient/Security Light

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Say goodbye to complex installations, cumbersome wiring, city permits and expensive electricity bills. The Aurora Pro Pole-Mounted Outdoor Solar-Powered Light solution is here to revolutionize your outdoor lighting experience for commercial and residential applications.

Designed with both elegance and sustainability in mind, this innovative and robust all-in-one solar light solution stands on its own pole assembly, effortlessly illuminating any outdoor space in a matter of minutes, for a complete hands-off wireless lighting experience.

With various mounting options, 4 lighting modes, as well as 3 different installation heights, the Aurora Pro is a unique and powerful outdoor lighting solution unlike any other, suitable for many different applications depending on your landscape setup and lighting needs.

The Aurora Pro features an advanced state-of-the-art rapid charging Glass Monocrystalline Solar technology that efficiently converts natural sunlight into a sustainable energy source, allowing you to enjoy stunning and reliable illumination all while reducing your carbon footprint. As the sun sets, this premium solar light automatically activates, bathing your garden, patio, or pathway in a warm, welcoming glow.

Packed with Smart Tech that Works For YOU!
In addition to our signature integration of High Color Rendering Index German LED Technology. This beast is also equipped with a large capacity and High-Density lithium-ion battery cells, that enables the Aurora Pro to store way more effective energy than your average consumer-grade battery solutions, as well as our latest version of power and battery management system, for a reliable, long-lasting, and optimal lighting performance experience during any season of the year!

Unmatched Durability and Quality:
Fully crafted from precision CNC powder-coated thick Aluminum construction with meticulous attention to detail, the Aurora Pro entire assembly is Rock Solid, Looks Stunning and is built to withstand the elements and last for many years to come in just about any climate condition.

Effortless Installation:
Despite being packed with tons of advanced technology and useful features. The Aurora Pro is incredibly easy to operate and set up, and comes with all of the hardware, parts and EVERYTHING you will ever need for any type of applicable installation.

With 3 different pole configuration heights measuring at 34.5” / 59.5” / 84.5”, as well as a dedicated post cap mounting base option measuring at 13” from base to top, the Aurora Pro is very versatile and can be suitable for so many different applications.

Requiring no electrical or technical background, city or HOA permits, wiring or professional assistance of any kind. Simply mount it in the desired location using the provided hardware and easy to assemble parts, turn it on to your desired lighting mode, and let the sun do the rest. It's 100% hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of premium outdoor lighting with very minimal efforts.

Customize Your Ambiance:
The Aurora Pro is designed with both ambience and security in mind, with 4 different lighting modes including dusk to dawn ambient modes, as well as Dual-Zone Pro-Motion Sensors for 360ۤ° coverage and up to 25 feet of detection, you're in complete control of your outdoor lighting experience, depending on your needs

Lighting modes:

  • All night Ambient 400LM mode + 2000LM once motion is activated, and back to 400LM within 60 seconds after motion stops.
  • All night Ambient 400LM mode only / No Motion Detection
  • 1000LM for 5Hrs + 400LM Till Morning
  • 2000LM for 3Hrs + 400LM Till Morning

The Aurora Pro is truly a remarkable stand-alone solution that's great for Pathways / Post Caps / Gardens and Yards of any size / Entry Ways / Driveways / Small Parking Lots / Ranches & Farms, or anywhere additional outdoor lighting is needed.

What's in the Box?:

  • 1x Aurora Pro Lamp Body
  • 3x 25" assembly pole parts
  • 1x Pole Base
  • 1x Post Cap Base
  • Heavy Duty Sleeve Anchor Bolts for concrete & brick applications
  • Full Assembly Screws Kit

Ships Same Day from our Corona, California facility directly to your door, Arriving in 3-7 Business Days or less (faster shipping options available at checkout)

  • 100% Weatherproof / Designed for Rugged Outdoor Use.
  • 24 Months Warranty & U.S Technical Support.
  • Great for Gifts and Use in Many Applications.
  • Usually purchased a set of 2 lights with volume discount

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Solar Panel:      6V / 6W

Battery:                3.7V Li-ion 22WH 6AH (Insulated)

Material:             Aluminum/Glass (Commercial Grade)

Waterproof:       Yes / IP65 / IK10

Dimensions:       11.25" x 34.5” / 59.5” / 84.5”

Net Weight:       15 LBS / Each Light

Shipping & Delivery: