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How to Clean Garden Solar Light Panel

How to Clean Garden Solar Light Panel

When you install multicolor solar lights, you want them to look great for years. You also want them to be energy-efficient and cost-effective. Installing new solar lights in your garden is a fantastic way to add light, beauty, and security after dark. In addition, they are a great way to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions. 

But if you want them to stay clean and pristine, you must know how to clean outdoor solar light panels. These lights should remain effective for many years with minimal maintenance required. Some essential tips will ensure they last as long as possible to accomplish this task. Keeping solar light panels clean will help prevent dirt from interfering with the efficiency of the solar panel and increase its longevity.

What You'll Need

modern house with garden and solar panels

You'll need some cleaning supplies to clean your outdoor solar panels. You'll want to ensure you have a soft-bristled brush, a sponge with a scrub brush, and some mild soap. You can also use a soft cloth with a simple water solution. If you have any plants that you want to protect, you can use a soft cloth to shield them from being scrubbed or brushed. 

If you want to clean the panels outside, you'll need a hose and a bucket. You can also use a garden sprayer to easily soak the panels and remove dirt. You might also need a mask to protect your face from dust particles in a particularly dusty environment.

How to Clean Solar Light Panels

It is ideal for cleaning your solar panels before plugging them back in at the start of each season. This will guarantee that all dirt is cleared away before dust and other contaminants cover the panels. If you wish to clean your solar panels inside your house, wipe them off with a soft cloth and a weak water solution. 

If you care for the boards outside, you can adequately rinse them with a hose and bucket. If you have any plants around the solar panels that you want to protect, you can use a soft cloth to shield them from being scrubbed or brushed.

Tips to Ensure Your Solar Lights Stay Clean

solar panels on a modern house's roof

There are a few ways to ensure that your solar lights stay clean. They include avoiding placing them in direct sunlight, keeping the panels clean, setting them in a shaded area, and re-positioning them throughout the year. If you put solar lights in direct sunlight, they will get extremely hot and can damage the panels. 

As a result, the solar panels won't be able to provide enough electricity for the lights to work. Maintaining solar panels will lengthen their lifespan and help prevent dirt from reducing their effectiveness. The lights should also be kept clean, even though cleaning the panels is crucial. You can clean them with a soft cloth and a gentle soap solution.


Cleaning your solar panels is necessary to maintain their effectiveness and prolong their life span. For best results, you should clean the boards before they get covered in a layer of dust and dirt left behind from the previous season. You can choose to clean them inside or outside but protect any nearby plants from being scrubbed or brushed.

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