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How to Fix Solar Light?

How to Fix Solar Light?

When the sun goes down, it's time to turn on your outdoor bright solar lights. However, if they're not working at all or only some of them are lit up, you may need to take a closer look and fix them.

This article will cover why your solar lights may not be working, what you can do to solve the problem, and what you need to know before purchasing new ones. In addition, many people don't realize that there are different types of solar light bulbs out there- LED vs. CFL vs. incandescent - so make sure you buy a replacement bulb for whatever style you have!


Fixing Your Solar Light

How can you fix a broken solar light? One way is to replace the light bulbs. You can find a step-by-step guide below.

Many homeowners with solar lights don't know that they can fix their lighting systems if the need arises. Most of the time, a broken solar light means you have to buy a new one when in fact, with a bit of effort, you can fix it instead.


How to Fix Solar Light?

If the light bulbs in your solar lights are out, you may need to replace them before they burn out. Replacing a broken bulb may cost as little as $1 or free, depending on how your solar light system is designed and where you purchased it from.[13]

Before taking out the light bulbs, you'll need to identify the kind of lights. Most solar lights run off two or three AA batteries that slowly charge daily (most solar systems use between 6-8 AA batteries). Some use a solar panel to directly power the bulb, while others have two charging stations – one for the battery and another for the solar panel.


How to Replace a Broken Solar Light Bulb

The following information is for replacing a broken light bulb in the battery-operated LEDs or incandescent bulbs used in solar lights. If a solar panel powers your lights, you must first identify that system before replacing the light bulbs. To replace the bulbs, you may need to perform the following steps:


Step #1

Remove the solar light from where it's placed and unscrew it. If you have a single solar-powered unit, unscrewing the screws on the back will allow you to take out the battery or charger and make space for removing and replacing the wires.


Step #2

Disconnect the wiring from the unit. You should be able to see how the bulb wires are connected just by looking at them and where they have been soldered on.


Step #3

Remove the old bulb and replace it with a new one, remembering to note which wire goes to what contact when there is more than one color wire.[14] Once you have the new bulb, reverse the steps to replace a broken solar light bulb, and you're all set.


During your research, you may find that some replacement light bulbs are too expensive or not suitable for your needs. In this case, it would probably be wiser to buy an entirely new solar light system instead of just replacing the bulb. In doing so, you'll be able to save yourself a lot of money if the price of replacement light bulbs is too high.

Save money on replacement light bulbs: Consider upgrading to a new solar light system for improved lumens lighting.

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