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Simple Ways to Install Solar Lights

Simple Ways to Install Solar Lights

Solar lights are very effective in helping to conserve energy. By using one of these lumens lighting every single night, you can help to save energy while also being able to beautify your garden at the same time. These solar lights come in all shapes and sizes, as well as many different color options.

The first step in how to install solar lights is to take down and assemble all of your old garden lighting, including the light bulbs. Next, you need to find a suitable place for your solar garden lights so that you know it will be in an area that receives a lot of sunlight throughout the day.


Why People Choose Solar-Powered Energy?

People use solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity. They use the photovoltaic (PV) effect, where the material is converted directly into an electrical current. These systems are made up of solar panels, an inverter/charger (converts DC power from the panels to usable AC power), batteries (stores the solar energy to use it at night or when there's no sunlight available) wiring. These systems are usually installed on rooftops and placed out in a yard or garden area.


How to Install Solar Light

You can install a solar lamp quickly and cheaply. Purchase the solar light set that is best for you at your local hardware store.

The solar light usually sets come in pairs or fours with different colors to choose from. Also, purchase any screws you need, brackets or molds if required, and a power strip to keep your lamps organized and charged when not in use.


Simple Steps to Follow:

  1. Once you have all the materials needed to install your lamps, look at the provided instructions. Next, go ahead and locate where you would like your solar lights to be placed, keep in mind that they should not be placed in direct sunlight as this will cause them to overheat.
  2. Install the screws o the wall where you would like your lamps to, then add the mold or bracket if needed to help hold up the lamp better.
  3. Next, slide the solar panel into its designated spot, then secure it with more screws. Finally, place your new lights on their hook after placing them inside each holder on top of your solar panel using another screw or some nails.
  4. After locating where you want your solar lamps to hang, drill some holes into the wall where it states on the package directions, then place screws through each hole, ensuring that they are secure on both ends.
  5. Next, place brackets or molds onto their designated spot if you have chosen to use any or identify them by screwing them into the wall with more screws if they came off without these pieces installed. Slide the solar panel inside of its designated spot using then screws provided from the solar light kit. A few wires should be sticking out of it; connect these to any power strip you have purchased located inside your lamp, then plug the power strip into the wall socket.
  6. Then place your new lights on top of your solar panel by sliding them inside of their designated bracket or mold if used using a screw or two to hold them in place, then plugging them into an extension cord or power strip with an extension cord and enjoy!

The Benefits Of Solar Powered Lights

They are inexpensive to acquire for both commercial uses as well as residential use. The price range can go anywhere from forty dollars up to one hundred dollars depending on which kind you purchase and how many they come in packages, as well as where you purchase them from. In addition, they have meager maintenance costs as they are solar-powered, meaning no cords to mess with while you're trying to hang your lights and only a minimal amount of changing for the batteries if needed at all.

For commercial use, this can be an excellent way to keep energy costs down in your business by using these lights during nighttime hours according to when the sun sets until it rises again in the morning.


Solar Lights For Your Home Or Business

Having solar-powered lights inside your home or business is helpful and will help you save money and energy on utilities when everyone has gone to bed or before work in the morning. This can be an effective means of light for both securities outside your home and lighting up dark hallways inside of it.

It can also be beneficial for businesses to have outdoor bright solar lights them to illuminate signs at night with an LED bulb that can be changed if they burn out.

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