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What Is The Best Solar Motion Light

What Is The Best Solar Motion Light

With the massive increase in crime rates, it is more important than ever to ensure that your home is as safe as possible. It means installing a solar motion light so you can see who's coming up on your property at night. It means keeping an eye out for shady characters during the day.

The best part about this security system is that it doesn't require any wires or expensive installation costs. All you need to have are some batteries and a few simple tools to install one yourself!  The best ones are pretty affordable too!


What Is The Best Solar Motion Light

a big bulb with an almost dim-light

The Goodnight LED Solar Powered Motion Light

The Goodnight LED Solar Powered Motion Light is an excellent way to keep your property secure without spending a lot of money. This tiny little light only needs small amounts of sunlight to charge up throughout the day, and it will turn on automatically as soon as it gets dark.

So it allows you to have a vital light source whenever you need it, which is perfect if you want to leave the house in the evening or get up early in the morning!


Turn Off/On Automatically

It will automatically turn on and start shining once it senses movement within 15 feet of its location. It features a bright LED light that will make it easy to see what is coming towards you, so you can scare off intruders or yell for help if you're ever in danger.

You will be able to count on this motion detector light every night, as long as there's enough sunlight available during the day.


Easy To Install

The Goodnight LED Solar Powered Motion Light is simple to install. It comes with hardware that makes it easy to mount onto a wall, and you won't have to do any wiring. You have nothing to do more besides picking the best spot for your light, plug it in, and turn it on!

Battery Warranty

This solar motion light conveniently uses four AA batteries, which are included in your purchase. Surely comes with a one-year warranty and is made from a strong plastic that will resist any damage or rusting.

This lumens lighting has been designed to last for years without slowing down or needing you to replace it!


Rechargeable Battery

Most solar lights have rechargeable batteries, so you don't have to worry about replacing them as often. Furthermore, most outdoor bright solar lights also come with an on/off switch located on or near the light fixture itself.


How Do Solar-powered Motion Lights Work

  • Compose Of Three Main Parts

Solar motion lights consist of three main parts: the light itself, a sensor detecting movement, and batteries.

Additionally, some models also come with an on/off switch, which allows you to turn the light off manually when it isn't needed.

  • Two Basic Components

The light has two primary components - the lamp and a light sensor.

The lamp itself can be made of aluminum or steel – basically, any metal that conducts electricity – but many solar lights are created with plastic materials.


Guided With Sensor

The light sensor is what allows you to turn on the light when it's dark outside, move around your yard or garden at night without tripping over an obstacle, and not have the light turn on during the day. 


What Is The Role Of Sensor In Solar Lighting

The sensor itself is a photocell – a device that detects light by using photoelectric properties of certain substances. Lead sulfide (PbS), for example, has photoelectric properties, which means it can absorb photons (particles of light) and create an electric current.

The sensor converts light into electricity, and then the stored energy is used to power the lamp when it gets dark outside. The sensor can also tell if the light isn't working correctly or too much glare from the sun, which deactivates the unit until it gets darker outside. Solar lights do not use dimmers.

The sensor also has settings that allow you to turn the lights on and off manually. It is very appropriate if you have an area that doesn't get much sunlight during the day – such as under your deck or patio. It allows you to switch the lights on only when they are genuinely needed.


Benefits Of Having Solar Motion Light

The benefits of having a solar motion light are so numerous that it is amazing how people still use traditional lighting at night. For starters, they are affordable and better for the environment.

They also don't require electricity or batteries to operate! Solar light strips make your home safer to walk on when you're coming home late.

The last thing you want is tripping in the dark because you didn't remember to turn the light on. Also, the extra security that it offers is invaluable, especially if you have kids!

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